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Please feel free to select any of the songs from the Foster Baha'i School Songbook as listed below.
(Click on a song to open the lyrics in a PDF file)


 Angels of Fire and Snow (1)
Baha'u'llah Came for All Mankind (2)
Behold the Candle (3)
Blessed Is the Spot (4)
Can't You See the New Day? (5)
Come and Let us Be Friends (6)
Do You Know What We Remember (7)
The Essence of Faith (8)
Family Tree (53)
Feast Song (9)
Fellowship, Fellowship (10)
Generosity Song (11)
God Is One (12)
Good Neighbors Come in All Colors (13)
Great Big Words (28B)
Happiness Runs (14)
Hawaiian Unity Song (We Are Drops) (15)
He's God the Whole World in His Hands (14)
Hoy Es El Dia (16)
Humble Yourself (17)
I am a Bucket Filler (59)
I Am, I Am, I Am the Promised One (18)
I Can't Sing Very Well (19)
I Have Found Baha'u'llah (20)
I Have Wakened In Thy Shelter (21)
I Love You and You Love Me (22)
I Think You're Wonderful (23)
It's Nice to Be a Baha'i (24)
King of Kings (22)
Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster (25)
Let Deeds, Not Words (55)
Let There Be Peace on Earth (26)
Listen (27)
Look At Me, Follow Me (28)
Love Your Neighbors and Friends (29)
Magic Penny (30)
Mother Earth's Routine (28A)
My Home Is the Home of Peace (56)
O, Magnify the Lord (32)
Oh Baha'u'llah (31)
One Little Wish (33)
Passing Through (34)
Picnic of the World (35)
Places In the World (36)
Plea For one World (37)
Queen of Carmel (38)
Say Hi (40)
Say: God Sufficeth All Things (39)
Shine Your Light on Me (41)
Shining Through (58)
Sing Out the Glory (42)
Siyyih Chal Chant (20)
Somebody Told Me the Lord was a-Coming (57)
Soon Will All That Dwell On Earth (43)
Soy Baha'i (44)
Spelling Song, The (45)
Step By Step (32)
This Little Light of Mine (46)
Toko Zani (47)
We All Say Allah'u'Abha (29)
We Are Soldiers in God's Army (48)
We Have Come To Sing Praises (49)
When I've Gone My Last Mile (50)
Will You Give Your Heart to Baha'u'llah? (51)
World Citizen (54)
World, World (52)
Ye Are the Stars of the Heaven of Understanding (21)
"We,verily, have made music as a ladder
for your souls, a means whereby they
maybe lifted up unto the realm on high..

- Bahá'u'lláh